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GMC Compendium Vol 1 Cover.jpg
Monspiracy: The Great Montana Conspiracy Podcast Compendium Volume 1

$19.99 Print - $4.99 Kindle

ISBN-13: 979-8864690703


"Your ignorance is their power." - Unknown

In 2004, the author was thrust into a world of corruption and hidden agendas when he sued Kalispell, Montana. Fighting daily ever since for his innocence, integrity and honor against false imprisonment and allegations, the author has fought a twenty year war for liberty against the one group of people Americans are raised to trust in above all others: the government officials we elect to protect us.

Corruption exists rampant in Montana government - and not because it is hidden behind closed doors, but instead because the powers-that-be have convinced the public of their unlawful entitlement to power.

After nearly two decades, the author went on the air to expose the biggest secrets of corruption in Montana through his podcast, The Great Montana Conspiracy. In doing so, he turned a mirror on the entire country. And now the episodes of that podcast have been immortalized for easier reference.




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