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Partnering with Audible, Amazon's audio book division, Ron has begun to have his titles translated into audio book format for a broader audience.  Following is a list of titles presently available.  For review requests or inquiries about current release scheduling for new titles, please use the Contact page on this site to send a request directly to Ron.


Note: Unlike other publication formats, Audible reserves full control over the retail pricing of audio books, so please do not forward requests to the author to lower the price of any title below, as he has no control over the sale price.  However, Audible does offer its own discount structures which the author encourages readers to explore.

Tarinels Song (ACX).jpg
One Cover (ACX).jpg
Tarinel's Song

$24.95 Audio Book

    Thomas Metzinger lends his epic narration to the first book of the Chaos Rising series!

    The world's end has been foretold in prophecy - but when the prophecy is fulfilled and the world does not end, it becomes apparent that something far more sinister is going on.


    Deep beneath the surface of the world, a dark force strains against barriers millenia old.  As each verse of the prophecy is fulfilled, the darkness gets closer to escape.  Can a motley group of individuals from across the globe unite long enough to save the world?


$24.95 Audio Book

    With fantastic narrations by Kevin Connors, the first book of the Godslayer Cycle leaps off the page!

    The Old Gods of the Pantheon have all but lost their fellowship amongst mortals due to the aggressive tactics of the New Order.  But they have a plan to eliminate their opponents - a plan to kill all the New Order God.


    Nine swords with the power to slay a God were created, but have now been scattered hidden throughout the mortal realm.  In order to use these divine weapons to destroy the New Order, the Old Gods have created an Avatar amongst the mortals to find the swords and use them for their intended purposes.


     Only one problem exists - their Avatar wants nothing to do with the Gods.

Two_Cover (ACX).jpg

$24.95 Audio Book

    With fantastic narrations by Kevin Connors, the next book of the Godslayer Cycle is now available on Audible!

    The Pantheon has succeeded in creating a Godslayer within the mortal realms - Nathaniel Goodsmith has slain the New Order's Goddess, Imery.


    Meanwhile, the former heretic, Avery, has been visited from his own future - and set upon the path to where the second of the nine swords will awaken. 


    Yet neither the mortals nor the Gods themselves are ready for the newest players to enter the contest - the demi-Gods!

Wizard Cover (ACX).jpg
The Wizard In Wonderland

$19.95 Audio Book

    With mesmerizing narrations by Jamie Todd, the first book of the Oz-Wonderland series truly comes alive!

    Dorothy Gale has been to some strange lands, but none as unexpected as 19th century Oxford, England. Yet this is exactly where Dorothy meets Alice Liddell, a young woman with her own fanciful stories of a place called Wonderland. Alice finds herself pulled into Oz to face a new Wicked Witch, while Dorothy must follow the Wizard into a Wonderland civil war. Unknown to either girl though, plots have arisen against both faery lands, and they must uncover the hidden history shared between these lands if they are ever to set things right again.

    Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carrol classics, The Wizard In Wonderland reveals the secrets of Oz and Wonderland in a story that brings together both classic heroines in a new epic adventure.

Dorothy Through the Looking Glass (ACX).jpg
Dorothy Through the Looking Glass

$19.95 Audio Book

    Narrator Jamie Todd returns to bring the second book of the Oz-Wonderland series to life!

    The Wizard's journey to Wonderland has exposed a shared history between that faery land and Oz - but the meaning behind the connection is still largely a mystery. Dorothy and Alice have come together to save Wonderland, but can they do anything before the Wicked Witches succeed in taking over Oz? With the looming conflict already threatening two worlds, the path ahead leads Dorothy to a third: a mysterious unnamed world that exists on the other side of a mirror in the university at Oxford - where reality itself has been set backwards, and Dorothy finds that entering this particular faery land may end up being a one-way trip. Meanwhile, Alice must come to grips with what Wonderland did to her all those years ago.

    Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carroll classics, Dorothy Through the Looking Glass continues the epic adventure that brings together both classic heroines from Oz and Wonderland in a new modern story.

Wonderful Alice of Oz Cover (ACX).jpg
The Wonderful Alice of Oz

$19.95 Audio Book

    Yet again, Jamie Todd uses his wonderful narrations to bring the third book of the Oz-Wonderland series comes to life!

    Three Wicked WItches vie for control of Oz, while the Wizard and Dorothy appear no closer to solving the mystery of how to return the former Wyrds to Wonderland.  But Glinda's secret may shift the balance in an entirely unforeseen direction!  Meanwhile, a quest beyond the Looking Glass may have gleaned more than anyone was hoping for when Dorothy's return from that magical realm attracts the attention of a new player in the conflict...


    Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carroll classics, The Wonderful Alice of Oz concludes the first story arc of the series, while setting the foundation for the next chapter to unfold.

Marvelous Cover (ACX).jpg
The Marvelous Neverland of Oz

$19.95 Audio Book

    Jamie Todd returns yet again to bring the fourth book of the Oz-Wonderland series to life!

    Wonderland and the Looking Glass World have been joined to Oz, saving three faery lands from destruction - but nothing is as simple as this when the Cheshire Cat is involved. 


Meanwhile, the March Hare leads a renegade army from Wonderland and Mombi plots to bring even more chaos in an effort to escape Oz. Glinda must delve into her own past - but will what she discovers require the greatest sacrifice of all? And as three magical realms seek to find balance, an eternally young boy makes his way to Oz with secrets of yet another faery world - Neverland. 


With a faithful eye to the original Baum, Carroll and Barrie classics, The Marvelous Neverland of Oz launches the next exciting chapter in the modern classic Oz-Wonderland series. 

I Do Cover (ACX).jpg
I DO: The Independent Domestic Objective

$14.95 Audio Book

     Michael Reid lends his narration skills to the first book in the "I" Series!

   In America, abusive relationships have become an epidemic. In a society that is becoming increasingly more fractured, domestic abuse is on an unprecedented rise. As much as we as a culture are inundated with domestic abuse stories though, sadly little is openly discussed about the causes behind these dysfunctional relationships. Though much is written about changing an abusive partner, little is written to identify one.

    For the first time, author Ron Glick has dedicated a book entirely to the subject of the most dominant underlying cause of domestic abuse: the abuse-control cycle. Ranging from gratuity through domination, the author sets out to frankly discuss all four individual phases of the abuse-control cycle with simple, straight-forward candor, as well as discussing the only true solution to the epidemic:

    The Independent Domestic Objective.

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