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Ron gives away FREE e-books 365 days a year!  With over twenty titles to his credit, Ron has quite the selection to choose from.  And all he asks in return is a fair review on this site and Amazon!  Looking for something new?  Take advantage of this absolutely FREE opportunity by sending Ron a request through his Contact Page!


Professional and semi-professional reviewers have all come back with critical acclaim for Ron's stories.  Ron's work has been very well received by fantasy readers as a whole and these reviews reflect this.  Below, you can find links to some of the reviews. 



Dorothy Through the Looking Glass
   Book 2 of the Oz-Wonderland Series



Dorothy Through the Looking Glass returned to the plight of Alice and Dorothy as they try to unravel the mysterious history shared between Oz and Wonderland.  



Immortal's Discord -
   Volume 2 of Chaos Rising


Set in the same world setting as the Godslayer Cycle,  Immortal's Discord continues the story begun in Tarinel's Song as the prophecy's full import is finally being felt.

One -
    Volume 1 of the Godslayer Cycle


One was Ron's first published novel, and introduced fans to the world of Na'Ril, which remains the foundation upon which all of his epic fantasy stories are based.  



Tarinel's Song -
   Volume 1 of Chaos Rising


Set in the same world setting as the Godslayer Cycle, Tarinel's Song introduced fans to an entirely different pantheon of Gods challenged by their own end of world prophecy.

Two -
   Volume 2 of the Godslayer Cycle


Two was the long-anticipated sequel to Ron's first novel, bringing back Nathaniel Goodsmith and his opposite, Avery, in the race to possess the nine swords.

The Wizard In Wonderland -
   Book 1 of the Oz-Wonderland Series


The Wizard In Wonderland brought the two classic heroines of the Oz and Wonderland stories, Dorothy Gale and Alice Liddell, together in a new epic adventure.

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