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Ron Glick may be best known for his fantasy novels, but he is also the author of the longest running comic book trivia series and is responsible for the Golden Age Comic Resoration Kindle Project.  Follow the links below to find out all about his established series, and his efforts to preserve our classical heritage.

The Godslayer Saga

The Old Gods of the Pantheon have all but lost their fellowship amongst mortals due to th aggressive tactics of the New Order.  But they have a plan to eliminate their opponents - a plan to kill all the New Order God.


Nine swords with the power to slay a God were created, but have now been scattered hidden throughout the mortal realm.  In order to use these divine weapons to destroy the New Order, the Old Gods have created an Avatar amongst the mortals to find the swords and use them for their intended purposes.


Only one problem exists - their Avatar wants nothing to do with the Gods.

Chaos Rising Series

The world's end has been foretold in prophecy - but when the prophecy is fulfilled and the world does not end, it becomes apparent that something far more sinister is going on.


Deep beneath the surface of the world, a dark force strains against barriers millenia old.  As each verse of the prophecy is fulfilled, the darkness gets closer to escape.  Can a motley group of individuals from across the globe unite long enough to save the world?

The Oz-Wonderland Series

What happens when the classical heroines of Lewis Carroll and L. Frank Baum were to meet, and what reason could possibly exist to bring Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale into each others' worlds?  When Oz the Great and Powerful escapes into Wonderland, Dorothy must go in search of her friend, but along the way not only meets Alice, yet together the two girls uncover a massive secret history shared between the faery lands.


Written with a faithful eye to the original Carroll and Baum classics, the series continues the epic adventure that brings together two of the most beloved classical heroines in a new modern adventure.

Ron El's Comic Book Trivia

The longest running comic book trivia series keeps moving forward with a new edition roughly every three months.  Each volume has over 100 unique questions that sets forth the history of one of the world's greatest creative mediums - with each question providing a brief history explaining the answers.


Read, study and commit to memory these moments in comic book history to become the reigning expert in your field.  Impress your friends and colleagues alike with your truly aspired level of geekdom.  Or at the very least - be the repository for all things comic book, even if only in your own mind!

Golden Age Comic Kindle Preservation Project

Anyone who knows Ron is well aware of his feelings over the loss of our heritage from the early era of mass distribution, whether it be classic television series or comic books.  For years, Ron has been pushing to animate the missing Doctor Who episodes where audio tracks exist, for example.


Another issue though is the fact that Golden Age comics are so rare, there is no way for everyone interested in them to own a copy.  Many who share Ron's passion have taken to scanning the images and distributing public domain books, but this does not make these classics available to the masses.  By using modern Kindle conversion technology, Ron is now seeking to make these original masterpieces available to a much broader audience.


Publications are from collected scans of public domain material. The price of each comic is set as the minimum per sale value allowable by Amazon for these publications.

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