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I Do: The Independent Domestic Objective​

$9.95 Print - $3.99 Kindle

ISBN-10: 172311474X 
ISBN-13: 978-1723114748


    I Do.

    A simple expression whose meaning is too often ignored.

    In America, abusive relationships have become an epidemic. In a society that is becoming increasingly more fractured, domestic abuse is on an unprecedented rise. As much as we as a culture are inundated with domestic abuse stories though, sadly little is openly discussed about the causes behind these dysfunctional relationships. Though much is written about changing an abusive partner, little is written to identify one.

    For the first time, author Ron Glick has dedicated a book entirely to the subject of the most dominant underlying cause of domestic abuse: the abuse-control cycle. Ranging from gratuity through domination, the author sets out to frankly discuss all four individual phases of the abuse-control cycle with simple, straight-forward candor, as well as discussing the only true solution to the epidemic:

    The Independent Domestic Objective.

I AM: The Individual Addict Mindset

$9.95 Print - $3.99 Kindle

ISBN-13: 979-8839185661


I Am.

The ultimate expression of self-identity.

In America, however, it is the greatest loss addicts suffer: individuality.

Addicts as a group are too often cast as amoral, lost souls and criminals. Yet this is so far from the truth, that it is staggering in the amount of harm this falsehood provokes.

The reality is that not all addicts are criminals, nor is addictive behavior in and of itself a morally wrong choice. Most importantly, criminalization is not the proper response to the genuine medical need that many addicts require. It is only when addicts reach a point of self-harm, which many do, that intervention iis needed - but it needs to be a humanitarian response, not a criminal one.

The reality of addiction must be understood, and it must start with understanding the individual addict mindset.

GMC Compendium Vol 1 Cover.jpg
Monspiracy: The Great Montana Conspiracy Podcast Compendium Volume 1

$19.99 Print - $4.99 Kindle

ISBN-13: 979-8864690703


"Your ignorance is their power." - Unknown

In 2004, the author was thrust into a world of corruption and hidden agendas when he sued Kalispell, Montana. Fighting daily ever since for his innocence, integrity and honor against false imprisonment and allegations, the author has fought a twenty year war for liberty against the one group of people Americans are raised to trust in above all others: the government officials we elect to protect us.

Corruption exists rampant in Montana government - and not because it is hidden behind closed doors, but instead because the powers-that-be have convinced the public of their unlawful entitlement to power.

After nearly two decades, the author went on the air to expose the biggest secrets of corruption in Montana through his podcast, The Great Montana Conspiracy. In doing so, he turned a mirror on the entire country. And now the episodes of that podcast have been immortalized for easier reference.

U.S Political Prisoner Since 2004
The True Story of an Innocent Man Detained As a Political Dissident In Kalispell, Montana

$0.99 Kindle - $15.03 Print


ISBN: 1502340364

ISBN 13: 978-1502340368


In spite of his prolific writing in other areas, Ron has turned his talents as an independent author to exposing the existence of political imprisonment of dissidents within the United States, specifically as it relates to his own experiences.  

Frank Garner. Ted Lympus. Ed Corrigan. Peg Allison. These are real people, real politicians and real criminals. Operating under the auspice of government, Kalispell and Flathead County authorities are in truth a gestapo-style racketeering organization that has escaped all accountability for decades. And now Frank Garner seeks to be elected to state level government, spreading the influence of these corrupt officials even further. 

This is the very real story of what happened to an innocent man who stood up and objected to the unlawfulness of this Mafioso group, and how far these criminals have gone to silence him. 

There are people who do not want you to read this book - this is a book attacking the credibility and careers of long-entrenched corrupt officials - and Ron has challenged very powerful and dangerous people by publishing the facts and documentation he has in this book - but he needs to speak, before there will be no opportunities left.  Most people are unaware of the daily struggle Ron endures in real life for his freedom, but the necessity of exposing the truth has compelled him to publicly speak out. 


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