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The Old Gods of the Pantheon have all but lost their fellowship amongst mortals due to the aggressive tactics of the New Order. But they have a plan to eliminate their opponents - a plan to kill all the New Order Gods.


Nine swords with the power to slay a God were created, but have now been scattered hidden throughout the mortal realm. In order to use these divine weapons to destroy the New Order, the Old Gods have created an Avatar amongst the mortals to find the swords and use them for their intended purposes.


Only one problem exists - their Avatar wants nothing to do with the Gods.




$16.95 Print - $4.99 Kindle

ISBN-10: 1496100255

ISBN-13: 978-1496100252


For generations, the Gods have been at war. Two rival pantheons, the Old Gods and the New Order, have been vying for the faith of the mortal realm. Bound by the covenants between mortals and themselves, the Old Gods have all but vanished from the land. Now Malik, the God of War and Peace, has devised a plan to champion the war and win back the faithful they have lost. He has created nine swords, each a godslayer in its own right, designed to be given unto the faithful, with the mission to seek out and slay the Gods of the New Order! However, even the best laid plans of a God can go awry, and the swords were cast into the mortal realm, ensorceled in a prophecy that has bound the Gods to a new set of rules, a set that requires their creating a mortal agent in the world to seek out the swords and assure their purpose be carried out.

Nathaniel Goodsmith becomes the selected agent of the Old Gods, a reluctant Avatar required by the Gods to seek out their weapons before they can fall into the hands of the New Order. However, though his mother was a devoted druidess, Nathaniel owes no allegiance to the Gods. The last thing he wishes to do is to abandon his family and home and travel across the countryside at the bequest of Gods long-since thought dead. But the machinations of the Old Gods have not left Nathaniel able to easily walk away from his destiny, and in the end, it may take a loss greater than he can bear to compel him to aid the Gods in their foolish war.

"One" is the first in an ambitious nine book cycle, containing within itself a trilogy of trilogies. The nine swords of the Old Gods are waking and once their existence becomes known, forces from across the world will be vying for the swords powerful enough to slay Gods. If Nathaniel does not rise to his destiny, it could be the end of the world – or at the very least, a world at war!

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$16.95 Print - $4.99 Kindle

ISBN-10: 1496173058

ISBN-13: 978-1496173058

ASIN: 1490589872

The Pantheon has succeeded in creating a Godslayer within the mortal realms - Nathaniel Goodsmith has slain the New Order's Goddess, Imery. But none in the New Order know exactly what has happened to their Mistress of Truth, and for that matter - few seem to care. Only a trio of the New Order Gods take it upon themselves to uncover the true fate of their sister.

Meanwhile, the former heretic, Avery, has been visited from his own future - and set upon the path to where the second of the nine swords will awaken. While Nathaniel, Brea and Bracken race to claim the new sword, they are unaware that Avery seeks to arrive first to claim the new sword for his own. If he can beat the Godslayer to the new sword's location, he might still be able to retain his status as a God - and defeat the Godslayer once and for all.

Yet neither the mortals nor the Gods themselves are ready for the newest players to enter the contest - the demi-Gods!

Two is the second volume of the Godslayer Cycle, the nine book epic destined to redefine the power of divinity within fantasy fiction forever.

Three - 
The third volume of the Godslayer Cycle

$16.95 Print - $4.99 Kindle​

ISBN-13: 978-1514616581

ISBN: 1514616580

ASIN: 1LmX6vt


    Everyone has a past that affects their present - but not many have their present affect their past.  


    The latest sword has awoken, but it is unlike any of the others that have come before. Three is not a sword that controls perception or elemental power, but instead gives its wielder mastery over time itself.  What better way to destroy a Godslayer than to send him to a time before he ever was one?


    And without the Godslayer in the present, who can possibly stand against a conspiracy of immortals seeking revenge against their errant parents, the Gods themselves?


    Three is the third volume of the Godslayer Cycle, the nine book epic destined to redefine the power of divinity within fantasy fiction forever.

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