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    Ron is always offering promotional samples of his work.  In addition to offering open-ended free copies of his books for review (see below), every month he also offers a selection of Kindle Editions on Amazon either for free or 99 cents.

    The current offerings pictured to the left are all available from November 26-30, 2017.  So here's a chance to get some extra stash for your Kindle library - and an opportunity to be introduced to some of the finest works of fantasy at the same time!

    To take advantage of this offer, simply click the links through each book's image (below or to the left) during the target period to download your books!  


    And please be kind - REVIEW!  

    Ron offers free e-book copies of his titles 365 days a year to book reviewers.  There are no pre-qualifications to request a book, just a commitment to provide a fair review for what you read.
    If you are requesting a free e-book, simply send a message through this site with the book's title and the format you would prefer it in (PDF or MOBI).  This offer is limited to one title per request, though a new title can be requested once you have entered your reviews for your previous request.  Reviews must be entered on this site and Amazon (by following the link to each book on this site), though other sites are encouraged.  
    Compliance with these requests rests solely with the author.  The author reserves the right to refuse any request and no contractual obligation is created by this offer.  Any title provided through this service shall be considered proprietary to the author and may not be reproduced, distributed, shared, uploaded, etc. by the requester.  The requester is the sole party authorized to read the provided material unless express written consent is given by the author.  Additionally, this offer may be withdrawn at any time without further obligation from the author.