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The Wizard In Wonderland
Book 1 of the Oz-Wonderland Series


The Wizard In Wonderland brought the two classic heroines of the Oz and Wonderland stories, Dorothy Gale and Alice Liddell, together in a new epic adventure.

            I think Ron has done a great job capturing the strangeness of Wonderland...  Similarly, he captures the more somber, but also magical tone of Oz.


                                                          - Sabrina Ricci



            Overall, this was a delightful read, full of the whimsy found in the two classics, but with a fresh twist.


                               - Alycia of Heart and Soul Cosplay



            As a writer, I can tell you how hard it is to maintain a single voice, but to do two different styles is way beyond


                                                              - CP Bialois



            With a nod to the original styles that is apparent in the author’s handling of the stories, this is more than a simple rework of classics, but a reinvention of the stories that are so familiar.


                                            - Gaele of I Am Indeed



            As a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland story, I was pleased with the way that Ron portrays her, her language (and Dorothy’s too) as they pay homage to the original characters, whilst exploring new plot lines.


                                                     - Liss In Bookland





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